Traveling through my thoughts out loud and online.

You can buy my first chapbook of poetry HERE on my website.

It’s called Ponderings. 

I read. I write. I teach. I learn.
I write poetry and blog posts. I am working on a memoir and blogging about it HERE. I have a BA in Secondary Education-English, an MA in Liberal Studies, and I am always in the process of accumulating various credits. I also have a random degree in visual arts.

This is a monthly blog. I post on the first of the month. I am on a bit of a hiatus until July 2020 while I finish up my teaching gig.

I live in the rural northeast, and I used to live in the Arizona desert.

a boa constrictor digesting an elephantI was married to the man of my dreams who died of cancer on Thanksgiving of 2012.

I have a beautiful, thirty-something son who amazes me on a regular basis. I have a fabulous daughter-in-law and two grandchildren I nicknamed Joy and Wonder.

I have sisters of blood and sisters of heart. Sometimes they are the same person.

“What is your blog about?”

That’s a good question, and one I cannot answer easily. It’s what it says: Random Mind Movements Traveling Through My Thoughts Out Loud and Online. I use hypertext because it’s a way of adding layers to my ideas. Sometimes the links are informative, sometimes ironic. I use photographs and quotes to help me more fully express myself. I am exploring this hybridization in my poetry as well. Due to certain constraints, I only post already published poetry on this blog.

Other ways to get in touch with me:

Widows’ Words Blog



Teacher Website


Lisa St. John is a high school English Teacher and published poet. Her newest endeavors include a memoir in progress and poetry. Her first chapbook, Ponderings, can be purchased at Finishing Line Press. She lives in the beautiful Hudson Valley of upstate New York where she calls the Catskill Mountains home. Lisa has published her poetry in the Barbaric Yawp, Bear Creek Haiku, Misfit MagazineThe Poet’s Billow,  PKA’s AdvocateThe Haight Ashbury Literary JournalThe Ekphrastic ReviewEyedrum PeriodicallyPoets Reading the News, and Chronogram Magazine. The poem “There Must Be a Science to This” won The Poet’s Billow’s Bermuda Triangle Contest and “Mowing the Lawn” was shortlisted for the Fish Poetry Prize and later published in Fish Anthology 2016.  Her poem “The Whens of Now” was selected as a finalist for the New Millennium Writings 44th Literary Awards. “Where is Ophelia’s Mother?” won second place in the Poetry Society of Virginia’s Sarah Lockwood Memorial Poetry Prize. Her memoir excerpt, “I Still Exist,” was published by Grief Digest Magazine.  Lisa also writes two blogs, Random Mind Movements and Widows’ Words. They can be found on her website at

Artist Statement

I want to find warmth in the cold world, beauty in horror. I search out images and shape them in an archetypal mold. I revel in the traditional form and take risks in experimental visions. Visual art is my forever muse, and I never tire of writing about the magic and power of art. I have a blog for my prose and photographs. I occasionally post audio versions of my poems because I feel strongly about the self as conduit. My poems are as much a part of me as my skin, scars and all.


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