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April 6, 2013

It’s Been Awhile

by lisa st john

“Mrs. St. John, where did you go to college?”

“Well, right after high school (and my divorce) I went to Buffalo State College. I took some art classes and poetry classes for a few semesters. Then I did life for about 15 years…”  

Guess that’s where I have been these last years. Doing Life. Doing Death. It’s time to write again. It’s time to define. Prose isn’t going to cut it and I can’t call this a poem, so enjoy the stream-of-consciousness cathartic outpouring below.

When am I supposed to:

cry, laugh, plan, move (to go to another place with a continuous motion)?

When am I allowed to:

wear red, go dancing, stop drinking, keep crying?

When do I:

take off my rings, buy a car, go on vacation, move…on?

On? On where? On what? On the border? On the road? On demand?

On (the preposition): “a function word to indicate position … in contact with” hmmm… .

On (the adverb): “a position of being attached to” Ahhh… .

On (the adjective) “engaged…being in operation” Okay.


A Haiku

To bloom—a cliché

stifled by thinking “flowers.”

Sign: “Opening Soon.”

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